‘The Soo’ City Councillor Hammers Home Affordable Refurbishing Scheme.

The St. Mary's rapids between lake Superior and Lake Huron
Saint Mary's Rapids photo by Billy Wilson is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
Sault Ste. Marie. (French: Sault = rapids), with the Canada-US international bridge behind.

Can’t get elected as a city councillor in The Soo?1 If you’re a carpenter by trade, why not test out a buy-and-refurbish affordable housing scheme?

One benefit of a little risk-taking, when Luke Dufour finally got elected to council on his third try, was that he had proved out his scheme and the city has adopted it as a pilot project.

Target occupants? Working poor who would like own, rather than rent, their housing.

See more on how it works at TVO: One Ontario City’s Innovative Approach To Affordable Housing


  1. The Soo is the nickname of Sault (pronounced ‘Soo’) Ste. Marie in the province of Ontario