One Shape of The Human Rights of Children In A World Of Homelessness

a group of children playing in an activity centre
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Is this a vision of a basic human right for children: a right to play, interact and learn?

Those countries that advertise themselves (or at least believe in themselves) as ‘lands of opportunity’ are living the lie when they can build battleships but not housing for the poorest. This particularly applies as more and more children find themselves, through no fault of their own, living in a tent or a homeless shelter.

Even the most hard-hearted believers in lifting yourself by your bootstraps may apply their particular forms of damnation to the parents for having ‘failed in life,’ but surely cannot damn the children. Because of this one might expect endless ‘temporary’ measures to ensure the human rights of all citizens to at least go the extra mile in providing education, exercise and stimulation for the children.

Alas, this seldom seems to be the case, so it is with some joy that occasional actions taken on behalf of the human rights of children present themselves for a little of everyone’s celebration. Read more from the City of Philadelphia: In homeless shelter, ‘instant joy’ in a new space for children