Ottawa Homelessness: Bailing An Ocean, One Small, Futile Policy Step At A Time

Mobile Home - Ottawa 05 08 photo by Mikey G Ottawa/Street Photographer Follow is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
A national capital where local level affordable housing solutions aren't working.

Everyone knows you can’t bail out a sea. And yet, when it comes to homelessness, city councils behave like children on a beach staring at the water with a precious sand bucket in hand and a grand scheme in mind.

Ottawa, Canada, is a small to mid-sized city by world standards. As a national capital, it takes pride in its image. Homelessness is both tarnishing its image and pressing hard upon Ottawa’s civic and national conscience. The City is working hard to reduce homelessness. But bucket by bucket bailing just isn’t working.

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For a look at a similar problem on a much grander scale in the U.S, try: American Homelessness: Sorriest Urban Scene, Or. . . Not An Urban Scene At All

If not municipal hand-bailing, then what? A recent Scottish report suggests that a much more coordinated national response is needed to address affordable housing, akin to the response triggered by the housing crisis that many nations suffered immediately post WWII. Try: “Affordable Housing: The State Must Lead.”