Portland Prepares For Care And Breeding Of Affordable Grannie Flats

a small white back yard cottage in the limited space of a back yard
IMG_7489 (backyard cottage) photo by Nicolás Boullosa is licensed under CC BY 2.0
A modest ADU in a modest California back yard.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), grannie flats, garden suites, call them what you will, can be highly affordable. Better still, in a crowded urban landscape they have a residential footprint that places no additional land requirement on a municipality.

One rusting swing set, plus one empty sand box plus weed-strewn memories of a pumpkin patch equals one potential back yard affordable housing space.

Trouble is, for thousands of potential ADU landlords who could use the extra income, the capital investment to build for a backyard tenant is a stretch.

Addressing the mutual benefit of prospective backyard landlords with tenants desperate for affordable housing has spawned a small but growing industry of ADU ‘breeders.’

Explore one such project in Portland, Oregon, plus a casual survey of other on-going similar projects in America, at the Sightline Institute:  A Portland ADU Program Pairs Lower-Wealth Homeowners And Low-Income Tenants