Is An Oregon Park Upkeep Proposal Really An Attack on Affordable Housing?

A view across Lake Oswego in Oregon, showing upscale houses on the far shore
Lake Oswego, Oregon. May 2018

Leaf-shaded walks, flower beds in profusion, well stocked duck ponds: how does such an admirably eco-minded beautification plan get affordable housing activists calling ‘fowl?’

The answer lies in a proposed bylaw to fund local park maintenance in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. On the surface, the method of raising funds is somewhat unusual. Except for that, it seems innocent enough. A fee would be levied whenever a house is torn down. How could that interfere with affordable housing?

Housing activists aren’t ducking that question. They see it as a clear disincentive to build affordable housing in more exclusive neighbourhoods. They’re calling the by-law a sneak attack on new Oregon legislation requiring communities to build more affordable housing. Read more at Trouble Brewing in Portland’s Fight for Affordable Housing


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