Prepare For the Silver Tsunami, Coming Soon, Now Arrived

mosaic image of elderly man, composed from photo images
Beyoglu 5754 01x photo by Nevit is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

In those sleepy days before the dire threat of a COVID pandemic sharpened everybody’s attention, the “silver tusnami” was a coming distraction more than a call to action. Did we believe there would be time to ponder? What would be the fate of North American baby boomers who were born and grew up in the prosperity years following World War II?

The inevitability of a massive “influx” of older citizens has been no secret. Nevertheless, there has been little or no planning for it. Across the continent, housing specialized for the needs of the old ranges from scarce to non-existent. Meanwhile, like an unstoppable influx of refugees, an entire population of more vulnerable, less capable citizens is mushrooming in our midst.

Unlike the flu epidemic following World War I, which preyed upon younger people, the COVID-19 epidemic has been devastating for the oldest among us. Hardly surprising then that a crisis born from our lack of preparation is now upon us, exacerbated by the pandemic, the soaring cost of housing, and meagre economic resources to cope when there’s a crisis.

Here is the ugly edge of the approaching silver tsunami. Read/watch at KUSI NEWS:  San Diego County sees an increase in senior citizens becoming homeless for the first time