Prince William: The Next Proud Meddler In United Kingdom Politics?

view of The Passage, a homeless drop-in centre in London, England
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The Passage, a homeless drop-in centre, in London, England.

“Who will rid me of this meddlesome prince?1” Those words might well have been spoken recently by the United Kingdom’s momentary Prime Minister Liz Truss, distracted as she was from driving the UK Ship of State onto the rocks.

It is a tribute to the knowledge and commitment of Prince Charles that in October last year, Truss forbade the newly minted but not yet crowned king to go to the Cop27 climate summit conference in Egypt where he was due to deliver a speech.

Heaven forbid that Charles might paddle a Royal Rubber Dinghy between the massive United Kingdom’s Ship of State and the rocks, perhaps softening the blow of a peculiar Conservative Party self-inflicted catastrophe.

So who’s next at bat as THE ‘meddlesome prince,’ committed beyond his remit to take on some national or international cause to vex the government of the day?

Prince Harry seems to be satisfying all the meddlesome qualities, but without a fundamentally noble cause to prosecute beyond, perhaps, his obsession with de-grubbifying the grubby UK press corps, he’s off the mark.

Meanwhile, Prince William appears to be be stepping into the breach left by his constructively meddlesome father. One of William’s particular causes? Homelessness, a concern introduced to him by his mother, Princess Diana.

Prince William believes,

“we can make homelessness rare, brief and non-recurrent. I am determined to play a significant role to support this becoming a reality.”

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  1. Words originally attributed to King Henry II and resulting in the murder of the Archbishop of Canterbury.