Prison Inmates Learn To Challenge Luxury Home Builders

Bowling Green, MO photo by Paul Sableman is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Bowling Green, Missouri, home to an unusual source of affordable housing.

There is a certain smug complacency in the U.S. home-building industry. “We can only afford to build luxury homes” is the battle cry of an industry focussed on the largest possible profits, and doesn’t care who knows it. Of course, the availability of luxury homes can be extended in a vaguely ‘affordable’ direction, depending on how many governments are going to chip in with subsidies that will allow builders to sell at lower prices.

Like a jockey that knows the race is run and pulls the horse to a canter in the final stretch, the home-building industry may not be bothered to check over their shoulder to see who might be passing them along the far rail. And they have been warned by industry observers: if builders cannot find ways to build truly affordable housing “someone else will.” Read the lead-up to this quote in Builder: The Real Data On Entry-Level Home Buying Affordability

The existing, and currently hungry, manufactured home industry might be one of those passing horses. Pre-fabricated houses of all shapes and sizes can be delivered to serviced lots to considerably reduce the price of a home. Consider: Manufactured Home Communities: Take Out The Trash And Rethink The Affordability

And here’s another unlikely horse in the race. Read about it in the The People’s Tribune: Homes To Be Built Inside Bowling Green Prison


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