Just The Job To Provide Civilization’s Objective Of Health For All

youth walking along straight trail in forest
Vanishing point photo by Andy Simonds is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Without employment, walled off from health, water, food and housing.

Modern free-enterprise civilization has one resounding response to human health, “Get a Job, Ya Bum!”

It is addressed to each of its human “civvies,” either directly or by inference, and presumably fulfills civilization’s purpose to lift humanity above survival of the fittest.

Human health has been long defined as access to adequate housing, adequate food, and clean water.1 But the conductors of free-enterprise civilization — the most effective of those being governments — stubbornly resist providing “civvies” with a free ride — in other words subsidizing individuals who might have difficulty obtaining any of food, water and shelter.

Employment has therefore become the sole provider of individual human health, and is distributed to all, we are led to believe, by immutable ”laws” of supply and demand.

How are these “laws” managing to provide employment, and by extension, human health for all in this time of hardship and opportunity — accelerated by both a pandemic and technological change?

Not terribly well, it seems. Read about one instructive employment example in Vice: ‘You Couldn’t Swipe Fast Enough’: How the Pandemic Devastated Instacart Workers

With free enterprise society reducing the solution to all the fundamental human health requirements of a civilization to “get a job,” perhaps it’s time to stop advocating for subsidiary necessities such as food, water and shelter and go right to the source of all of them.

Time to demand a basic human right to an adequate job?


  1. No, it does not include access to medical support. This is a feature of the Sickness Industry. Human health requires the basics of food, clean water, and shelter in order to live a normal, healthy life. Human ill-health (possible or actual) triggers a need for the Sickness Industry, populated by scientists and practitioners dedicated to the lucrative job of preventing the foreshortening of human life by accident or disease.