Quelle Horreur! 30 Minute Commutes!

Chiltern Commuters with Virtual Reality Headsets on
TourismWesternAustralia-6 photo by Matt Alexander/PA Wire is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Hands up for UK train commuting winning hands-down! Nothing in North America looks as entertaining as this!

A recent report on affordable living and its commuting tradeoff detailed in 24Housing sends shivers up and down this writer’s spine. Home-based, a short commute is (and always has been) all the way from desk (or couch) to kitchen fridge and back. A long commute is needed to collect the mail from the lobby, or sending it off through the box by the front door.

So I can only weep in solidarity on behalf my friends and relatives as they learn of the horror suffered by United Kingdom commuters who prefer affordable lifestyles and must pay the commuting price. Not only forced to travel . . . gasp! . . . 30 minutes or so, but faced with with the difficult decision — train or car?

Perhaps I should admit that my friends and relatives would at the point be weeping with . . . laughter. And envy! As little as 30 minutes? With an actual choice of regular train travel, too. If only things were that good here in North America! (Sure, there are trains, but not heading to and from everywhere, which seems to be the case in a 24Housing article.)

My ex-wife commuted an hour and 45 minutes daily each way for more than half of her professional career. Car, train, subway, then bus. My current wife commuted a regular hour and 15 minutes each way, until we moved to the Big City (where our rent increased by 50%). There it became an hour and fifteen minutes across the city each way by public transit. A independent-minded commuter could have taken a car and arrived prouder, later and more frazzled.

Lots of important info travels usefully across the Atlantic for the edification of those on the other side. My Toronto impression is that travel times are not a good example. Read more in 24Housing: Report Exposes Extent Of Journey To Work For An ‘Affordable’ Home

P.S. Couldn’t resist the photo above. It probably needs a little explanation.

From the photo source:
Commuters on a Chiltern Railways train to London experience a taste of Western Australia in fully immersive virtual reality (VR) headsets.

The unique experience was commissioned by Tourism Western Australia in partnership with Chiltern Railways to celebrate the launch of the first ever nonstop flight between the UK and Australia. The 360 degree interactive format gives passengers the chance to meet the wildlife of Western Australia, which includes swimming with gentle whale sharks and meeting friendly quokkas.