Public Housing Residents Want It Just As It Is, Not ‘Improved’ By Developer

A Birmingham council housing resident tends a magnificent balcony flower garden
Public housing is not all drunken boot-kicks through wallboard. Picture for Birmingham City Council Housing, Marguerite Llewellyn in her balcony garden in Billesley.

In the face of anti-council housing attitudes and ‘private enterprise does it better’ hollow promises, residents of a London council housing estate have long been under threat of eviction for redevelopment. For more than ten years they’ve fought to basically be left alone with their wonderful little community.

Wonderful? That might seem to be an over-the-top word. But when a healthy community is the focus of your interest, there’s not much on offer these days from recent mixed income development projects with their churlish, poor-door, dog-in-the-manger social attitude and its ugly consequences. Nor is it much of a comfort when the government is forced to legislate basic community behaviour: read more in The Guardian: Minister Vows To End Segregated Play Areas In All New Housing In England

As for the other side of the Atlantic, the U.S.federal government itself is the biggest cheerleader for the idea that public housing residents are incapable of forming healthy communities. Apparently, congenital degeneracy leaves them drug-dealing in elevators or kicking boots through wallboard during drunken brawls.

Kind of nice then, when local government decides to stand up for your right to a wonderful community. Read more in The Guardian: Residents Of ‘People’s Estates’ Hail Council Move Against Developer

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