From Scottish Children To US College students: Unaffordable Housing A Root Cause Of Poverty

A moment to forget hunger? Children chasing bubbles in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Housing advocates applauded the Scottish Government’s new  Tackling Child Poverty Action Plan, but some were quick to point out that it is necessary to decrease the cost of housing in order to bring down family expenditures and help ease families and children out of poverty. Read more in Scottish Housing News: Child poverty action plan welcome but more affordable homes required, says CIH Scotland

Meanwhile, a sobering report released in the United States suggests that child poverty action needs to be stretched at its upper end to include older children/young adults who are trying to navigate their way through college. While stories occasionally surface about student hunger and homelessness, many institutes of higher learning have adopted a ‘head in the sand’ approach when confronted with these issues. Try Worried You Can’t Get Student Housing? You’re Just One More Whiner with a Bad Attitude

The Wisconsin Hope Lab has published a detailed study that determined more than a third of U.S. Higher learning students were food insecure, and the same number housing insecure. This health problem unsurprisingly influences their grades. The study, together with recommendations for student action to help improve their situation can be found here:  STILL HUNGRY AND HOMELESS IN COLLEGE


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