Sharing Shelter With A Corporation: Irreconcilable Differences?

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Responses like this seem typical to hear from a corporation. Could you live with it?

The “commodification-of-shelter-as-a-moral-end-in-itself” sub-department of the “why-this-approach-may-not-be-an-answer-for-truly-affordable-housing” department

Thinking about sharing as a way of keeping an affordable roof over your head while maintaining some control through home ownership?

You might want to think again after reading the following article. Shared ownership in the UK can put you in a partnership with a housing association whose aims and objectives are profoundly different from yours.

But (you might protest) they are a non-profit, well up on the moral high ground above money-grubbing private landlords!

Well, ideas of community and morality might push to the forefront of your brain, but not to the brains of hard-nosed housing folks intent on balancing the budget.

Read more in The Guardian: Shared Ownership Flats: ‘Mum Died Not Knowing I Would Be Left With £25,000 Debt’

Ultimately the message underlying this story might well be: partnership can work to make housing affordable. But it’s only guaranteed when your partner’s objectives are the same as yours.


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