Silver Tsunami Greets Affordable Senior’s Housing That Isn’t There

In shorts, T-shirt with a racing number on her chest, an older woman races ahead of some younger ones.
Nanny Wins photo by Benjamin J. DeLong is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Tough, yes. But are Halifax seniors tough enough to live in tents?

Do you know that the writer of this article is a senior? You may not, but Google does. I read articles from around the world daily in publications from hometown Toronto to Bangkok, Thailand with many stops before and after. Courtesy of Google and my local advertisers, the seniors’ ads follow me, tongues lolling, like a flock of faithful puppies anxious to please.

“You’d be surprised at the low prices of new seniors housing in North Toronto.” Surprised indeed! Wish I could afford them!

Thanks to Google, I am fully primed for the horror of a low income senior on a small government pension, like myself, and cast adrift from his housing in East Coast Halifax.

In Halifax, Wayne Hickey’s affordable building is due to be demolished and replaced by upscale housing. Many of its inhabitants, old and/or infirm, are being cast adrift in a sea without lifeboats.

Read more in the Halifax Herald1: Evicted Senior, Disabled Tenants Struggle To Find Footing In Halifax Housing Market and Halifax Family Fears Rent Increases A Factor In Relative’s Death


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