Green Social Housing – New Source Of Pride For Local Councils

street level view of green social housing project in England
gate, fence, bin stores photo by london road is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Local councils in England are turning to green social housing to add stock and reduce emissions.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich recently showcased a pilot project of four new homes. The homes are built to meet exacting emission standards and will rent to people with very low incomes. The homes were built using modular construction methods.

Taken to scale, this project will help Greenwich to achieve two long term goals: adding 750 new council housing units and having net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.1 Read more at pbctoday: Modular homes in Greenwich will be ‘greenest in UK’


  1. Hopefully, these homes are not a factor in the higher rents being charged to new tenants moving to Greenwich social housing. Try: Social Housing — Who Says It’s Affordable?