Low Wage-Paying Industries Face Do-It-Yourself Affordable Housing

Have a Seat!! photo by Chad Sparkes is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Hilton Head, SC. Have a seat, but bring your own drink. Your waiter is unfortunately unaffordable.

Once merely a necessity for worker intensive rural farming operations and remote holiday resorts, staff housing is creeping into into communities where staff cannot afford the rents.

For those employees who value privacy and personal freedom, there can be no great attraction to living, working and playing under the watchful eye of an employer. But for employers seeking to keep their business and financial entanglements to a minimum, playing nanny to lower wage staff is nevertheless becoming necessary.

While governments are prepared to acknowledge the need for affordable housing, addressing the scope of the issue is another matter entirely. So, service industries such as resorts which depend on lower wage employees are running out of options. At least one employer in Hilton Head South Carolina is actively working on staff housing solutions. Read more in The Island Packet: Sea Pine Resort needs sustainable intern housing option

Needless to say, the problem is particularly acute when an employer hires ‘interns’ who receive absolutely minimum wages. But the problem cannot be dismissed as an simply issue of minimum wage employment. Unaffordability also includes to the middle class.  Try: Miami Schools: A ‘Company Town’ Solution for Unaffordable Housing?