Staying Permanently Housed in The UK: A Homeless Do-It-Yourself Version

A not terribly impressive hotel its cascade dominated by signs beside an east London street
Roman Road photo by Gordon Joly is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Tucked temporarily into cozy hotel room — the answer to homeless prayers? For some, temporary housing was enough to turn life around.

The globally respected and successful Housing First program to help end homelessness could only be partially implemented in the UK’s hurried Everybody In initiative over a period of two months, beginning in March, 2020, which saw a temporary sweep of rough sleepers off the streets and into hotel rooms and similar accommodation.

The Housing First program puts a strong emphasis on continuing supports to the newly housed, a process difficult to implement with success in a couple of short months.

However, some good news associated with the Everybody In scramble was that even a few weeks were enough for some individuals to initiate a do-it-yourself approach to supporting their move from homelessness to permanent shelter.

Even more positive results have been experienced by Emergency In clients who were granted longer stays, as some councils decided to continue housing the homeless across the summer, and on into 2021.

The good news from those who have successfully managed to end their homelessness during the Everybody In program will hopefully inform local councils faced with assisting the people who were ushered out of hotels and temporary accommodation at the beginning of summer.

Rough sleepers are back on the streets, joined by those made homeless by the pandemic, which still threatens with undiminished strength.

Read more in The Guardian:  How getting a hotel room in March kickstarted a life off the streets

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