Step Back From Bad And Ugly Of Public Housing To Celebrate The Good

a large group of black public housing residents smile to camera

The demonization of public housing residents in America has been a price paid by “small government” beliefs that the public purse has no role to play in either the right of all to housing (missing from the U.S. Constitution), nor even the humanitarian response to the need of all citizens to have the basic health need of adequate shelter.

Rather than debating either the essential right, or the essential need for all to possess housing, it has been easier over the years to magnify all that has gone either temporarily or permanently wrong with public housing — showcasing its incidents of vandalism and crime, attributing mental illness to the housing itself, and proposing that social forms of housing make its occupants degenerate, or alternately attract only social degenerates to public housing.

Stories about the benefits of public housing, as well as the struggles and triumphs of those born and raised there, are sadly few and far between.

One such documentary premiered November, 12, 2020 on VPM: HEARD: Stories of Surviving & Thriving in an American Housing Project

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