Suffering From Illness? Take One Tiny House and Call Us When You’re Better

tiny house in field
Tiny House Herzogsreut SJ Eda 2019 P1140187 photo by S. John, Elsterwerda is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
Surely not COVID-19 quarantine solution! But . . . based on historic practice . . .

Imagine that a member of your family has a contagious disease, and your home is too small to protect other family members from the risk of infection. No problem! The government has a plan. A tiny home delivered to your lot can provide temporary accommodation and keep everyone safe.

Sounds a bit magical, doesn’t it? This actually happened during the 1930’s in the United States. Naomi Klein relates this and other government initiatives from that era. Klein focuses on strategies to engage young people and how those strategies paid off as the country emerged from the Great Depression. In the face of today’s epidemic and economic tailspin, she calls for government leadership. Read more in The Intercept: How Not To Lose The Lockdown Generation