Supercharged By Boondoggle? Affordable Housing Via The Green New Deal

yellow clapboard house of some age
Gaspésie 3 photo by LBM1948 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
Existing structures in the US consume 40% of the country's energy. Retrofitting the 138 million homes and 5.6 million commercial buildings is a key component of the Green New Deal.

America faces a bugle call to arms on many fronts such as immigration and terrorism. The call for affordable housing, for all that it is a matter of pressing urgency for many, has so far proved to be something of a silent toot, particularly at the federal government level.

What about a Green New Deal? Human extinction seems a more potent rallying cry than most, if reaction to this progressive Democratic proposal is any indication. Could a Green New Deal provide a spark that more effectively focuses national attention on affordable housing?

Already, the proposal for a supposedly preposterous, wildly expensive, impossible-to-attain Green New Deal has been awarded a historic badge of honour. It has been labeled a ‘boondoggle’ by political opponents. Exactly the same word was used upon introduction of the original ‘New Deal’ in the early 1930’s — a visionary set of government programs that helped to lift the nation out of the Great Depression that began with the stock market crash of 1929.

So how might the Green New Deal focus attention on the many housing crises that today impact upon so many Americans? Read more in FAST COMPANY: The Green New Deal Could Change The Way America Builds—Here’s How


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