Landlords Vs. Tenants: The New Warm Is Cold

A London Eye rider capsule at the loading platfor
London Eye in 2015 (1) photo by Joseolgon is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
Each capsule on the London Eye, a tourist attraction, is air conditioned. Why not your home?

The US is suffering the effects of climate change along with many other countries. Like those countries, it has taken literally centuries before both landlords and governments have come to understand at least nominally that warm housing is essential in winter.

But uncounted millions have suffered through cold spells when landlords have been unable or unwilling to deliver, for example, more hot water to radiators. Even the need for heat in cold winter climates is a tale in need of a good polish.

Unsurprising then, that too much heat in housing is life threatening is an idea in its infancy. That’s not in the experience of tenants, of course, but it is in terms of both government and landlord action. (The modern air conditioner, after all was only invented in 1902.)

With heat waves now understood to be a growing danger of climate change, the awareness of the importance of air conditioning is finally prodding governments into action. The news is hopeful. Read more at Reuters:  “Life or death”: Baking US cities legislate for air conditioning