Take Two Aspirin And An Affordable Home, Then Call Me In The Morning

Hospitals: expensive and towering monuments to 10% at most of your healthcare.

Only 10% of people’s health needs are delivered at a medical facility. The recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation: Beyond Health Care: The Role of Social Determinants in Promoting Health and Health Equity reports on initiatives that connect health care with community supports, target social barriers that contribute to poor health and reduce the cost of publicly funded health care.

The news blog Slate also discusses the Beyond Health Care study in its article: When Social Needs Are Medical Needs, explaining the social determinants of health in plain language while reporting on projects in Baltimore.

Both articles cover less publicized aspects of the Affordable Care Act. The Act does not allow direct spending on housing, but it does go beyond the bricks and mortar to deliver programs to help people be healthy at home.


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