Manitoba Looks To Plow Affordable Housing Furrow With Tractors That Don’t Pull

a tractor high on a pedestal in Austin, Manitoba
Welcome to Austin, Manitoba, home of the Manitoba Agricultural Museum

You gets what you pays for, we guess. The Canadian province of Manitoba has apparently been snoozing through three decades of feeble Thatcherite Public Private Partnership (PPP) experiments in affordable housing that have taken place around the world.

Facing the same affordable housing problems being experienced throughout North America these days, Manitoba commissioned a private study in 2016. It seems to have directed the authors to do anything but look back at a century of social housing programs.

The private study’s advice? Be more like the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Go with PPP solutions. Accordingly, Manitoba is busily selling off its stock of social housing, even as the Canadian Federal government is offering money to help build more.

The news that public private partnerships, which shone so brightly for those countries 30 years ago, are not up to delivering the needed quantities of truly affordable housing does not seem to have reached the ears of Manitoba legislators. Read a whole lot more (and weep) at the CBC: Taking (Private) Stock: Manitoba’s Social Housing Plans Follow Failed Examples

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