Students Pitch In To Build Housing For People Who Are Homeless

cyclist riding on university campus
Bicycle Rider (2759738399) photo by Tulane Public Relations is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Classes are over. Now off to summer work.

The foremost affordable housing charity in the world proved the method: unskilled volunteers can be enticed to pay to travel to another continent, make a cash donation, then contribute sweat equity (physical labour) to construct a truly affordable home for a needy family.

A few modifications to Habitat for Humanity’s proven model can serve a similar purpose. Make it a summer experience and training project for youth. Cut the intercontinental travel back to biking distance. Reduce the scale of the product by targeting a slightly different clientele.

And there you have it, a Kitchener, Ontario 2020 project: Read more at the CBC: Teens spend summer building tiny homes at St. Mary’s Catholic Church