How Screwed Are You, Young Adults? The New Statesman Has The Stats

A pair of pensive young people set with their baby
Young family photo by Wayne S. Grazio is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Young adults: a new and beautiful generation with ugly housing problems.

In the 1970’s, 2/3 of Britain’s renting population lived in social housing. Not surprising then, that this form rent geared to income living particularly suited young people. Low rent meant saving money for more upscale digs, or a down payment for a house. Social rents made it all possible.

Then came the double whammy. Masses of social housing began to be pulled down ahead of its hoped for life span. That was a consequence of short-sighted corner cutting construction. Meanwhile, a move to downsize government and cut spending included promoting a national ‘own your home’ dream. Hundreds of thousands of social housing units were sold off under Right To Buy. They were not replaced as sale proceeds were diverted to other government requirements.1

The result? A better society? Ha! Not for you, today’s struggling young British adult. You’ve been screwed.

And to add misery to misery, you’ve not been treated all that well either, young, struggling North Americans.2

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  2. Try this post: Small Town: Tens. Big City: Thousands. USA: Millions: 4 Million Young People Homeless