Khaleel Seivwright Has Hit The Big Time! Who? You Need To Know.

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Epiphany in Peru. Folks around the world know how to celebrate a good carpenter. But not officialdom in Toronto, as events have transpired.

At we were quite taken with Toronto’s Khaleel Seivwright when he hammered his way onto the local homelessness scene. So much so in fact that some might consider our initial coverage of him to be rather over-the-top1.

So, what’s he famous for? Well, this past fall, Khaleel noticed something that seems to have escaped the government of Canada, the government of Ontario, and the government of the City of Toronto. Thanks to a combination of crises including the pandemic, a whole bundle of homeless people would be spending a harsh Toronto winter outside in tents or worse.

So, unlike any of the aforementioned governments, he decided to do something direct and pragmatic about the problem: build small winterized shelters for the homeless.

Now we’re pleased to see that Khaleel has hit the international big time. We think you can’t do much bigger or better than an article in the New York Times. It’s a very good, comprehensive article that not only covers Khaleel’s recent deeds, but also a little of his character and history.

Normally we’d be wringing our hands and wishing we didn’t have to recommend an article available in a media outlet that allows maybe once a month reads to non-subscribers.

But there is (we hope) good news at hand. The article seems to be consistently available and you can read more at Finance&Commerce: The carpenter who built tiny homes for Toronto’s homeless


  1. Try: City of Toronto Helps Homeless-Loving Carpenter Follow in Famous Footsteps

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