The Hunt For Green Social Housing On A Shoestring: Wales Edition

A wall of stacked hay bales stands in a field of stubble
Hamm - Pelkum - Ein Sommerfeld 07 photo by Daniel Mennerich is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Humble beginnings, plus a little ingenuity . . .

Handfuls of social housing have been built as a nuisance requirement of any free-enterprise housing project in the UK. The failures of this coercive social housing program are many. Critically, the supply of social housing under this program has completely failed to keep pace with increasing need. Meanwhile the predation of the government’s Right To Own program continues to squander existing social housing stock without providing for its replacement.

With a growing need for larger volumes of housing aimed specifically at producing more social housing, there is an ongoing budget-conscious requirement to build social housing that not only maintains high standards of liveability, but does so more quickly and efficiently while meeting ‘green’ requirements for energy efficiency.

Contests are a way to stimulate imaginative solutions to lower costs and increase energy efficiency. For one example, supported by the Welsh Government, read more in News From Wales: Valleys to Coast tenants first to move into innovative new eco-homes with ‘Grand designs’