Isle Of Eigg And The Tale Of Two Landlords: When ‘Us’ Replaced ‘Them’

A sign on a pier reads 'welcome to the Isle of Eigg. A bald mountain rises across the water in the background
eigg photo by Kevin Walsh is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Does your government really work for you and all the other people who share your corner of the world? Or does it really serve itself, and grant its grace and favour to whom it pleases, meaning just about anybody but you?

One small, compelling answer to that question has proved out on the tiny Scottish Isle of Eigg. There, not so long ago, its inhabitants were oppressed, depressed and totally exasperated by the antics and indifference of ‘them’ who owned the island. And so, in a fit of collective pique, ‘us’ bought out ‘them.’

Looking back over the last few years since that seismic event, does the Eigg experience have anything to contribute to our knowledge of individuals, communities and governments?

You betcha!

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