Eviction Reprieve For UK Tenants?

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Canva - Woman Feeling Emotional Stress photo by MismibaTinasheMadando is licensed under CC0 1.0
Saved from eviction, for now.

Private sector tenants who are in arrears in the UK have been given a reprieve from eviction until September 20, 2020. The tenants learned of this decision just two days before an earlier eviction ban expired.

The announcement affects 230,000 tenants who have rental arrears arising from job losses brought on as part of the response to COVID-19. The following article discusses the how tenants are affected by last minute decision making (poorly), measures to protect tenants beyond the September 20 eviction extension (murky), and actions the government should take to avoid widespread evictions and enable tenants to continue to pay their rent. Read about private sector tenant troubles in I: The last-minute eviction ban extension will do little to help Britain’s renters – what will have changed by 20 September?