The Many Colours Of NIMBY: ‘Unsavoury’ Seniors

lazy boy chair with handmaide quilt
Is NIMBY the reason why there are no grandparents using the special chair at the South Carolina Grandfamily Resource Center?

NIMBY: Not in My Back Yard. Part of an ongoing collection of articles exploring some of the many ways that a worldwide affordable housing crisis is opposed.

Well, of course some seniors are unsavoury. But really, when you come right down to it, who wants to lick a senior?

Apparently, a group of NIMBY-neighbours in the town of Ninety Six, South Carolina, is shuddering at the possibility they’ll be required to run their tongues up and down a whole batch of seniors if affordable housing for seniors goes ahead in their neighbourhood.

Here once again citizens face a nightmare that America has nurtured from seed to become an enduring myth: that nothing but a slippy slope exists between government-supported (a.k.a. public) housing, and a hornet’s nest of institutional crime, vandalism, drug-abuse, alcohol-abuse, yadda-yadda-yadda.

No, the future won’t see Ninety Six neighbours grateful for a place to retire on a fixed income without even leaving the neighbourhood. It will see instead a festering mass of unlikeable and unlickable wrinklies.

For a glimpse of the unending horror of undesirable seniors, try this Youtube clipBe prepared for the worst, which comes after you express your repugnance at an unsavoury prelude featuring a senior flasher roaming the town to prey upon innocent NIMBYites. The clip?  Monty Python — Hell’s Grannies

For more details on the unsavoury seniors crisis in Ninety Six, South Carolina, read more in the Index-Journal: ‘They get around it’: residents express concerns over proposed housing complex

And finally, for those interested in cautionary tales for those irrationally prejudiced against public housing, try: The Sad Parable Of A San Francisco Teachers’ Slum


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