“Taking The UK By Storm,” Modular Housing Flexes Its Affordable Muscles

A lego model of a house exploded into three separate stories
Modular Garnison Building photo by MaxFragg is licensed under CC BY 2.0
A Lego 'modular' house. When it comes to discussing modular construction, we just love Lego building enthusiasts!

“Taking the UK by storm?” Well, we’re introducing an industry magazine article today, and it’s perhaps understandable that this particular piece of their prose is a little hypersonic, particularly in light of reports that the UK modular fabrication industry took a bit of a hit last year.1

But anyway, we forgive Planning, BIM & Construction Today for their enthusiasm and thank them for a smorgasbord of modular construction techniques currently being exploited in the UK.

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  1. Try: Twain Not Meeting? Conventional Industry Technique Vs Modular Economy