Howling Wolves Outside? Sticks Or Bricks Housing Defines How You Cope.

closeup face of a pig with white facial hair
Pigs photo by Mercy For Animals MFA is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Pride of a brick house makes this piggy more conservative. Or . . . is it advancing age?

Everybody knows that the older little piggies get, the more small-c conservative they become. Older piggies drift away from a youthful idealism and the need for change towards the comfort of the same old, same old. (That’s what true conservatism is all about, isn’t it? Preserving the good things we already have?)

Well, it seems that in the United Kingdom, those who believe that aging piggies drift conservative . . . think wrong. A recent article in The Guardian proposes that it is not an so much an age divide that characterizes the attitudes and behaviour of UK citizens, but whether they own their homes or rent them. And the COVID-19 pandemic has served to emphasize the nature of this grand fissure of society.

Read more in The Guardian: The Pandemic Has Made It Clear That Housing Is England’s Greatest Divide

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