The Police Defund Refund. Not Enough, If Black Lives Matter

Tuscon police vehicle parking lot featuring an armoured personnel carrier
Tucson Police SWAT vehicle photo by Simeon87 is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
Armoured personnel carriers purchased by the police to preserve safety.

Only the wildest-eyed optimists imagine that defunding the police means abolishing crime prevention by creating a magical world in which the disappearance of police somehow creates an end to crime.

A New York Intelligencer magazine article begins with the widely understood and more pragmatic argument that defunding the police means at worst brutally shrinking, and at best completely designing, community policing.

The objective: to deliver more humanitarian service for considerably less than the current annual national cost of approximately $115 billion for what in America is universally a woefully poor service delivered at best carelessly and at worst with malignant intent and excess brutality, destroying black lives.

In the thrill of a moment when the idea of such a radical social change is gaining momentum, it’s easy to be distracted by a financial windfall that could befall communities which slash police budgets.

Just think of what might be accomplished by stripping the police of paramilitary glory! Diverting monies spent on war toys, such as armoured vehicles, could be used instead to build long-needed and long overdue individual and community necessities such as social housing!

Read more about why this ‘defund refund’ can only be a small step in the redress of social injustices which lie at the foundation of the thunderous cry that Black Lives Matter. In the New York Intelligencer:  Defunding the Police Is Not Nearly Enough