The Serendipity Of Canada’s Commitment To Allow Suicide Of The Homeless

Graveyard headstones at the top of a snow-covered hill
Shadows & Patterns photo by Martin Cathrae is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
A homelessness solution, Canada-style.

Well now, here’s a convenience that nobody considered when Canada decided to allow mercy killing of those whose lives had become an unbearable torment. Physical pain was the torment in mind. But mental torment would now seem to equally qualify for suicide.

And so we face the spectre of lives made a cold, unendurable hell in a northern country by those of us chasing more and more value from their legally owned possessions — a home as both shelter and — trumping human life by driving up value —  an investment. Helped along, of course, by a government that supports homeowners even in the face of those dying from the pain of homelessness.

Canada has an aspirational commitment to a human right to adequate housing. A right, as time goes by, that seems to to stand upon lofty nothingness rather than a realization of physical housing. The country’s alternative for those who can afford to live nowhere would seem to be a self-chosen guillotine at hands of a medical executioner. Will it need a trickle of self-destruction to become a flood before profiteering homeowners decide to care? Or perhaps we never will.

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