Canadians Try Under-Bridge Living For High Art And Fine Dining

A homeless encampment under a riverside Munich Bridge
DSC_1183 photo by Martin Brázdil is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Homeless encampment under a bridge in Munich, Germany. Do Canadians view this scene as just another quirky art installation?

In April 2019 we wondered, is it some kind of pointed April Fool’s Joke highlighting the plight of homeless people forced to shelter under bridges? We’d already seen and reported on one such ‘joke’ in the US1.

But no, on closer inspection it seemed like a totally tone deaf piece of privileged-class insensitivity. Transparent tent-like domes had been installed under Toronto’s aging Gardiner Expressway, allowing fine-diners to drink in the have-not social scenery as they ate. Were they thumbing their noses at the poor, or just oblivious to the significance of the location? Read more at the CBC: Posh Dome Restaurant Opens Under Toronto Expressway Weeks After Nearby Homeless Camp Eviction

Maybe because it’s our hometown and we’d rather not think ill of its insensitivity, we gave the story a pass.

And then this! Surely we are being pranked, set up to write a story that is even more staggeringly tone and problem deaf. Where in the world? Vancouver! Now we’re beginning to worry that this is some kind of defect in the Canadian character.

We’ve resisted the impulse to write an introduction dripping with sarcasm about this particular under-the-bridge escapade, as the author of the following article has taken care of that quite nicely.

Introducing the whirling 5 million dollar chandelier art installation under Vancouver’s Granville Bridge. The mayor is tickled pink.

Read more in VICE: This $5M Chandelier Under a Vancouver Bridge Will Start the Class War


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