Today’s One Bedroom Rental? 13.5 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week At Minimum Wage Pays For It.

For Rent photo by Kurt Bauschardt is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Can you remember ever shaking your head at the horror of 6 day a week 12 hours a day in 19th century sweatshop factories? Guess what, for many low income people, the situation today is as bad or worse. Welcome to the world of housing investment and the house-rich. And welcome as well to those who pay for housing speculation their entire lives, the working marginally housed and the working homeless.

It’s all detailed in the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s annual report on the shortage of affordable housing for the quarter of U.S. renters classified as low income.

Read a summary of how current housing prices impacts low wage workers in different cities across the U.S. in The Miami Herald: Need a basic 1 BR apartment on minimum wage? You’ll have to work — and work — to afford it