Tomorrow’s Heating Energy To Save The World? Hot Rocks. . . Sort Of, Maybe?

The sun shines brightly on desert rocks
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It’s hard to pick a winner in tomorrow’s great affordable energy race to avoid overheating the planet.

Scotland is sure that the future belongs to Heat Pumps. They are already deploying thorny branches to beat the cold backsides of Hibernian citizens who fail to fall in line. In mere shortish months ahead, they must trash their home boilers in order to guzzle heat sucked through a straw from the air, or the earth, under pain of hefty penalties. Yes, it’s going to hurt. Read more in the Express: Scottish homeowners face ’10-year time bomb’ with shock heat pump deadline

Meanwhile, in England, there is a pause in the glorious future plans to convert bog-standard boilers to run on Hydrogen Gas. Doubtful citizens lie abed and dream of the Hindenburg Blimp Disaster or the Hydrogen Bomb. Fortunately for the doubters, the plans are currently on hold: there is no hydrogen to be had in order to fuel the UK’s try-it-on-for-size experiment. Read more at the BBC: Redcar hydrogen trial scrapped by government

And then, mere moments ago, there was COP28. That international brainstorm was slated to finger an energy future to replace fossil fuel. Chief COP28 visionary, Sultan Al Jaber, has now delivered his personal hint for the future. He will be placing his eggs in the usual family basket: Fossil Fuel! Read more at WION: Sultan Al Jaber, COP28 president, says his firm will invest in oil: Report

Oil be seeing you in all the old familiar places.

Charging up the inside rail, however, is a new maybe, that might overtake other affordable energy sure-things. At, we personally are titillating ourselves with a new horse in the race. It seems that heat rocks when it’s extracted from Hot Rocks. Read more at CNN: These Hot Rocks Can Glow Brighter Than The Sun. They Could Also Help Spell The End Of Fossil Fuels