Topsy Turvy San Jose Neighbours: Prioritizing Car Shelter Over People Shelter

empty spaces in a parking garage
Ready and waiting photo by Damian Gadal is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Jackson, Wyoming has 27 parking spaces for each household, yet it invested $17 million to build a parking garage in 2009. Perhaps the recession was a factor?

It’s nice to imagine that somewhere in the world, a group of concerned neighbours might get together to protest a new parking lot, on the grounds that the extra parking space could be used for affordable housing.

It probably will never happen. Almost exactly the opposite occurrence is more common in city hearings dominated by NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) issues. Angry neighbours complain that new space to shelter people will encroach on the space for car shelter. All in hopes of killing the idea that the neighbourhood might soon be burdened with human beings. Read more about such typical parking pleas at a San Jose public hearing in SAN JOSÉ Spotlight: San Jose Affordable Housing Project Draws Concern Over Limited Parking

As for the for need for all that parking? Walking, bicycling, and public transiting are slowly eroding the world of the automobile. But America is still a land quite bonkers for more parking space. Read more in MOTHERBOARD: In Some US Cities, There Are Over Ten Times More Parking Spaces Than Households


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