Tough Times For Landlords: The Shoe Remains Stuck On The Other Foot

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Fenwick Tower, rent banner photo by RicLaf is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Rent signs can stay down for a little longer in England as the eviction ban is extended to 2021.

In Ontario, Canada, a landlord can’t even book a hearing for a juicy above-guideline rent increase, such is the demanding backlog facing the Landlord Tenant Board as it begins to adjudicate tenant eviction hearings that have been on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, from a landlord perspective, misery has returned to the correct foot, now heaped back on tenants even as the pandemic rages on.

But in the UK, fortune is still far from favouring the home-letting class. Tight restrictions on evictions keep the misery shoe on the landlord foot. Read more in The Negotiator: ‘Further blow’: Government tightens evictions rules until 11th January

Landlords aren’t the only ones grumbling about the extension of a freeze on evictions. Letting agents facilitate the landlord/tenant relationship. If everyone is sitting tight in their rental homes, letting agent income shrinks.

The following article, which detais letting agent concerns, at least gives a nod to the tenants, by way of pointing out that activists who are attempting to support potential evictees don’t begin to feel that the ban on tenant evictions goes nearly far enough. Read more in LettingAgentTODAY: Another blow to agents! Anger over latest eviction ban

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