Black Reparations? Housing Opportunities As A Suitable Direction For Action

emancipation memorial fountain in the elaborate style
This fountain commemorating emancipation from slavery, certainly catches the eye. Centuries on there is a need for more practical reparations.

California’s ‘woke’ politics help it to be one of the first out of the gate with at least a lukewarm endorsement of long overdue Black reparations. It’s a refreshing change, since American governments at all levels have long been complicit in the centuries of discrimination which so seamlessly followed emancipation.

Lukewarm? That may be merely a cynical and unfair take on the no-doubt essential studies needed to determine the shape of reparations. And cynical only because governments are so practiced at studying thorny problems to death. The California legislature’s recently announced reparations task force, which is due to report in 2023, might well be a prelude.

Accordingly it might be fair to cast an equally jaundiced eye on activists who sniff a possible new funding source for a pair of Black housing projects, offering them up as an appropriate direction that California might take in consideration of reparations. It is, after all, difficult to deny how unequal access to housing has crushed Black aspirations of equality.

All in all, it’s quite reasonable to explore, ahead of studies and funding that might one day come, how supporting two housing enterprises could provide not only benefit to Blacks, but to the community as a whole.

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