UK Footballer Takes On Child Starvation: Could Affordable Housing Be Next?

mural with Rashford painting and quotation
The UK government has capitulated twice to Marcus Rashford's campaign to feed hungry children.

The United Kingdom is providing its citizens with an object lesson about the power of populist advocacy compared to traditional party politics much practiced in fudging any crisis towards a long-winded do-nothing death.

Who cannot be delighted by the news that once again England footballer Marcus Rashford has forced the UK government, as well as its prime minister, to bumble backwards with pants down, caught out for an inadequate government response to the importance of school meals.

Witness a single, unpracticed politician who has himself experienced hunger as a child. He carries far more weight than a thousands-strong institutional government which has all of the necessary resources to study the problem, but none of the sense to act appropriately upon it.

Once Rashford has finished addressing the midday school meal as a security against child starvation, may we hope that he will move on to address a basic root of the problem — unaffordable housing?

The following article celebrates Rashford’s latest rout of the UK government, then moves on to identify a housing crisis independent of COVID complications that lies at the heart of the UK’s embarrassing child hunger problem. Read more in The Guardian: Rashford has Johnson grovelling again – but this time is different