UK Gets Personal To House And Treat People With Addictions/Other Health Issues

road sign for the borough of Broxbourne
Borough of Broxbourne Roadsign photo by Northmetpit is licensed under CC0 1.0
People in Broxbourne who are homeless will be part of the team that steers their route to housing. Local support agencies and housing providers are also on the team.

Who knows best about suitable treatments for someone with addiction and/or health issues? Why, the individual with the problems, of course!

Well, maybe that person doesn’t exactly know BEST, otherwise a lot of mental health professionals would be out of their jobs. But it’s undeniable that those with problems have at least some useful understanding of what might be eating away at them.

That’s the premise, at least, of a new UK housing-with-supports pilot project that aims to enlist patients in designing their own individual supports. Read more at InYourArea: Innovative housing project commissioned by Hertfordshire County Council to support homeless adults in Broxbourne with complex needs

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