UK Tenants and Landlords Propose Government Assisted Sharing Structure For COVID-19 Losses

Businesses on high street in Corsham
High Street, Corsham, England photo by Billy Wilson is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
Spot the residential tenancies in this UK commercial high street picture.

OMG, landlords and Tenants are getting together to put forward a comprehensive plan that will share the burden of COVID-19 with the government. Brilliant! Can this be a signal in the UK at least that hundreds of thousands of residential tenants in arrears on their rent will not be evicted?


It’s all about commercial tenants and landlords. Well, bully for them!

But why aren’t similar arrangements being discussed for residential landlords and tenants?

Because unlike residential rents, both sides of the commercial rent arrears crisis are businesses, and nothing is too good for business?

Because in anti-union government environments that have existed for decades, the idea of tenants organizing to take a strong position is toxic and to be actively resisted, or at least ignored?


Isn’t it about time the UK government started looking for comprehensive settlements for both residential tenants and landlords to spare the chaos, misery and social upheaval that will follow mass tenant evictions?

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