United Kingdom Drug Fiends Rave In Lifestyle Tents: Real Homes Are For Sissies!

A mn in King's finery stands in front of an elaborate. tent, a castle in the background
This scene was created by affordablehousingaction.org and is licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication
Who needs a castle when royally self-indulgent behavior requires nothing more than a little imagination plus a tent or two.

Some believe that tents are a last resort for those trying to survive inclement weather in the flimsiest possible form of shelter from the elements — all they can afford. But you may well be unaware that in the UK (and likely elsewhere) many rough sleepers are simply hooked on tent living.

Alas, according to the United Kingdom’s Home Secretary Suella Braverman, living in tents on city sidewalks has become a lifestyle choice. She needs to get that perception right, since she has the authority to ban promiscuous lifestyle adventuring in nylon castles along the margins of urban roadways.

Can this shockingly selfish corruption be permitted to continue?

Or will the occasionally desperate, but merely unhoused, person be required to appear before some Braverman-created ‘show me’ tribunal, pleading for an exception?

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