US Veteran Finances Can Lead To Homelessness. More Than Just A “Duuh” Story?

A veterans parade, with its participants, carrying US and unit flags, as well as rifles. They are clad in blue blazers and grey flannels.
US Veterans photo by Louise Ladd is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Our first thought was that linking financial woes to homelessness was a celebration of the obvious. The second thought, however, was that a large number of non-veterans in different countries should be grateful towards the U.S. long term commitment to their former armed services members.

The U.S. Veterans Administration has spent a lot of time and money determining how and why veterans become entangled with homelessness. More than that, they have researched useful steps that can be taken to do something about it.

Yes, there are unique burdens carried by those who have seen military service, particularly active military service. But those specialized burdens aside, there is much in the VA Administration’s study of the problem that can help U.S. non-veterans, as well as veterans and non-veterans from other countries.

For a more, read this article from MyChesCo: VA Research Reveals Link Between Financial Strains and Risk of Homelessness

The VA research results are published in Medical Care, an academic journal. This particular issue of Medical Care is special for a couple of reasons. First, all of the articles in the issue report recent research about homelessness and health. As well, none of the articles require a password or subscription to access them. In addition to the article reported in MyChesCo, here are titles of some of the other articles in this special issue:

  • Does Housing Improve Health Care Utilization And Cost?
  • Explaining Service Use and Residential Stability in Supported Housing
  • The Efficacy of the Geriatric Model Of Care In Emergency Housing Programs For Homeless Veterans

Each of the articles can be accessed at Medical Care. The title of the special issue is Multimorbidity and Social Drivers of Homelessness and Health

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