Ventura County Swims Against Zoning Tide To Protect Trailer Parks

A mobile home sitting in a garden filled with cheery knickknacks
Winnebago Garden photo by Dave Whelan is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
A Ventura Country mobile home with, most important, a place to put it. Mobile home parking spots are becoming an endangered species in the US as redevelopment swallows trailer parks whole.

From California comes word of more, not less, zoning restriction. That’s rare good news for existing affordable housing in America’s rapidly-declining stock of trailer parks.

Governments from the feds (think HUD1) on down are being steamrollered by the housing industry to relax zoning restrictions everywhere. That will allow the industry to build whatever it wants, wherever it wants, whenever it wants. Unbridled developer and builder profit, it seems, is the fairy godmother that will deliver affordability to the nation.

Not, however in Ventura County, where a regional business association bleats ‘Why? Nobody wants to redevelop a trailer park here anyway.’

Not at the moment.

Ventura County is using zoning to keep it that way. Read more in the VC Star: Mobile Home Zoning Ok’d To Save Affordable Housing, Head Off Conversions


  1. HUD — The US Department of Housing and Urban Development