WA COVID-19 Recovery Plans Include Green Social Housing

An old red brick brewery stands on the sea shore
DSC00815.JPG photo by matt pounsett is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
Perth, Western Australia: an old brewery recently converted to social housing. Coming soon to WA, 'green' social housing.

What an opportunity to kick-start the national housing industry by building much needed social housing! There is a great deal of activist push for this COVID-19 inspired recovery program. Too bad not everyone is snapping at the activist bait.

Some nations and states are disappointing activists and citizenry by ignoring the social housing opportunity. For example in Ireland1 and Australia.2

However, the state of Western Australia is climbing on board the social housing recovery wagon to aid its ailing housing industry with plans for housing that is not only truly affordable, but ‘green’ as well. Read more in Energy Magazine: WA to build 15,000 energy-efficient social housing homes


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