As the COVID Wolf Lurks Outside, Evictions Will Soon Push Millions Out The Door

makeshift dwelling next to dump and under railway bridge, circa 1936
Hooverville Portland Oregon 1936 photo by Arthur Rothstein is licensed under the public domain
Does this 1930's Hooverville encampment in Portland Oregon foreshadow the future for millions in the United States?

What happens in a country like XXXX when YYYY renters are evicted? The Big Question is being asked in many countries around the world. Meanwhile, governments proceed as if the coronavirus pandemic is somehow over, and eviction moratoriums can now be cancelled within days or weeks.

The answers may be country specific, but the misery won’t be. Here’s one current survey of  the looming crisis in America, courtesy of Shelterforce: What Happens if 23 Million Renters Are Evicted?