What If FDR Had Beaten The Great Depression By Handing Out Toolkits?

tool chest - drawers are open and empty
Gerstner Chest 3 photo by Jameslwoodward is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
Nice looking toolkit. If only it had something useful in it.

America’s greatest housing and employment crisis occurred after the 1929 stock market crash. We’re facing another, perhaps even greater one today with the still uncontrolled COVID-19 pandemic.

During the 1930’s, the United States government responded by funding massive recovery programs.

Social housing moved from isolated experiments to an enormous initiative to house America’s poorest. Labour initiatives put Americans back to work in huge government-funded construction projects undertaken by a specially-created Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

Who was the president with the foresight to invest the resources and the strength of purpose to help build America out of its crisis? It was Franklin Delano Roosevelt (with possibly vital support from his wife Eleanor, who was apparently more enthusiastic about social housing than FDR).

And what is America’s current response to an already existing unemployment nightmare, soon to be coupled with a staggering rise in evictions and homelessness? To put a face or two on this question, what are President Donald Trump, together with his Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary, Ben Carson, offering to those in dire need of employment and and affordable housing?


These toolkits will help you find all the most useful skirt hems to tug hopefully (but most likely hopelessly), in case you find yourself unemployed and out on the street.

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