When The Housing Revolution Comes To America, Will It Be Armed?

Bs. As. 18-12-17 photo by Santiago Sito is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Revolution could mean ‘radical change’ or revolution could mean ‘revolution’ — the overthrowing of government via protests, disregard of conventional law, violence and even warfare.

Which framework should we use to consider the idea of a ‘housing revolution’ in the United States? The answer is clearly not ‘radical change’ for any foreseeable future. Discussion of rapidly growing national housing crisis was missing in action during the recent presidential election. Try: The Elephant in the US Election Room: Affordable Housing

Since the big Republican across-the-board win in 2017, actions and declarations of intent from the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD), suggest that the U.S. Federal Government plans to actively thwart attempts to address a nationwide housing crisis.

Meanwhile, an article in Atlantic broadens the culprit for America’s woes from the 1% — traditional villains who are by far the wealthiest. Atlantic concludes that America has a new aristocracy that includes a somewhat broader base who are indifferent to the trials and tribulations — such as affordable housing — of the rest of the population. Read more in the Atlantic: The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy

Whether you accept that 1% or 10% are the culprits, it seems highly unlikely that ‘the rest of us’ will accept being driven into poverty or homelessness by the inevitable results of an uncontrolled and apparently uncontrollable free market in housing, one working eventually only to the benefit the rich and the super rich.

Which seems to leave as much as 90% of America with little option but defining revolution as ‘the overthrowing of government.’

The signs of inevitable lawlessness are appearing overseas. Read more about housing activists in Berlin who have seized vacant buildings in Reuters: Squatters raise alarm about Berlin housing crisis

The lawlessness that would seem necessary to government overthrow has touched America, too. Read more in the SFGate: L. A. tenants increasingly engaging in rent strikes amid housing crisis

Which brings us back to the question in the headline: given America’s pathological obsession with guns, and the wide distribution of firearms within the population, is government overthrow going to feature shooting violence? Are there any other possible alternatives as much of America slowly chokes to death on the excessive value of land and housing?


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